2013 Top Holiday Decorating Trends

One of the best parts about the holidays is the festive décor; which bring warmth and charm into the home; eases the chill of the outdoors and makes coming home an absolute treat. For those who will be hosting gatherings  throughout this holiday season, depending on who your guests are may dictate what sort of holiday décor you pick. This year there are so many holiday decorating trends to suite whoever is on your guest list. Here are our top picks:

Neutral Holiday Decor

The neutral color scheme is calm and classy. This sophisticated décor can be easy to pull off with inexpensive pieces or cherished heirlooms. The result creates a chic esthetic, yet incredibly versatile. For evening gatherings where the attire might be more dressed up, add some sparkle and shine with silver or antiqued gold accents like vases and bowls.

blue christmas

Blue Christmas décor is always easy to find in stores and makes its big comeback every few years. This year, the blue ornaments and accents are paired with sparkling whites and silvers. Iridescent blue bottles and bowls can be stored away after the holidays and pulled out again for summer bbq bashes for the aqua or nautical theme, offering great versatility year round. Blue is also the highlight colour of Hanukah celebrations so if you’re hosting multi-cultural events, blue is a perfect accent colour.

modern red

Red has always been a traditional Christmas colour, but unlike the way your grandmother may have used it, you may enjoy incorporating it in a not so traditional way as with using non-traditional materials like roses. A cluster of roses is dramatic so if your budget permits, this look is intentional and intense. But if you desire a less costly option, try using balls of red yarn or a cluster of red cranberries. The main thing is to use non-traditional materials to inject the red into your décor.

Pink Christmas

For yet another twist on red, pink may be the new red this year. With a vast array of pink ornaments and décor pieces to select from this year, creating a winter wonderland in pink is our top trend for 2013 and will having you dreaming of a pink Christmas. The whimsy and cheerful injection of pink into your holiday décor will be sure to please any little girls that will be part of your holiday festivities (and for those who are little girls at heart).

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