3 Easy Ideas: Autumn Outdoor Decor

Fall is one of the best times of the year: crisp air, pumpkin spice, and cozy sweaters abound. It’s also one of the most fleeting – the period from summer’s last scorching weeks to the first icy days of winter seems to get shorter every year. But before the snow falls and we retreat indoors for another six months, make the most of sunny fall days with a beautiful outdoor space.

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1. Gourd Tealights

Those warm-but-cool fall evenings are the perfect time to sit outside with a hot cup of something. Warm up your outdoor space with a  few festive candle holders. Simply take a trip to your farmer’s market – Newmarket has a great one.

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Pick out whatever gourds you like –white pumpkins are particularly bright, but whatever texture or color appeals to you will work. Hollow out a tealight-sized hole in the top with a sharp knife and a spoon – bigger gourds can work for bigger candles. Pop a tealight in the top and you have a Pintrest-worthy (and reusable!) centerpiece in minutes.

2. Pumpkins!

Halloween’s leftover pumpkins are up for grabs at supermarkets and farmer’s markets alike, so pick a couple up for cheap and try this unique and compostable décor idea. Reams of cheap and cheerful yard decorations start appearing in stores this time of year, only to wind up in the trash after three months. Why not try a greener approach?


Chop the top off a pumpkin and hollow it out, then fit the potted plant or herb of your choice inside. The pumpkin outside will keep moisture in on chilly nights, and when the season’s over just pop them in your green bin or compost. You can branch out from plant-holders, too – what about a drink cooler?

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3. Fall Flowers

Fall planting season is short, but those with green thumbs can enjoy weeks of post-summer blooms before the first frost. One big tip, no matter what you’re planting, is to add a thick layer of mulch over the fresh soil. Mulch will provide nutrients and help keep the roots of your plant warm, which keeps it producing for longer. There’s a host of late-growing plants, but we like peony, Japanese poppies, marigolds, or twinspur to add pops of color beyond the changing leaves.

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Autumn might be short, but that’s no reason not to break out your coziest clothes and fire up that grill one last time. While you’re out there, why not try our fantastic rib recipe?

What autumn decor are you investing in this year? Any ideas worth clearing the dead leaves for? Leave us a comment!


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