4 Ways to Cozy Up The Family Room

With winter around the corner, and the sub-zero temperatures already here, most families look forward to scheduling some downtime with one another. The family room seems to be the communal place for television watching in most households and assuming everyone can agree on what to watch, it can result in a fair degree of quality time. Making the most of this time can be seamlessly afforded with just a few minor conveniences that add to the pleasure and comfort of time spent together in the family room. Below are just some of the ways:


A good television set makes all the difference. With the prices coming down and the technical advances getting better each year, the time to upgrade your TV set is as good as any.  And don’t feel guilty about watching TV, the UN has named November 21st as World Television Day and expects strict adherence to this global event. Well maybe not strict adherence, but if you need an excuse, this is one can stand up to any opposition. World Television Day was founded by the UN in 1996 after its first ever World Television forum was held.  The forum encouraged member states to contribute to a global exchange of television programs focused on issues of peace, security, economic, social and cultural development amongst other things. Today, World Television Day is globally celebrated on November 21st of each year and aims to commit member counties to support the development of television media in providing unbiased information about important issues and events that affect society.

Modular Sectional

Now that you have a great TV and the green pass to watch it, having comfortable seating is key to prolonged enjoyment. Whether you’re the type to want the theatre seating with the storage compartments for snacks and drinks or prefer a classical sofa/sectional, the main focus should be on comfort and versatility. Being seated is the same position isn’t always desirable when you’re home relaxing so consider ways in which you can accommodate different positions for cozying up like purchasing an ottoman that’s the same heights as your sofa seating that can be configured as either a foot rest or even a daybed if pushed right up next to your sofa. Modular sofas/sectionals which can be easily adjusted on a breaths notice make cozying up to a favourite show or movie super easy.

200206548-001 Television Screens

Sometimes, despite how attractive or comfortable the seating may be, there are those who prefer to sit directly on the ground. Having a plush (and stain resistant) area rug makes for a great cozy up area for those preferring to stay below the equator. Furthermore, investing in floor heating (which can be done below hardwood or tile) makes being on the floor inviting and incredibly comfortable.

tv stand fireplace

The colder climate certainly encourages the nesting trend, and curling up in the family room to a fireplace can seem incredibly desirable. But if your home isn’t equipped with a fireplace, you can always consider a gas fireplace which can look like the real thing, wall mounted fireplace for the trendy modern décor or one built-in directly into your TV cabinet now available at many home improvement big box stores like Rona, Home Depot and Canadian Tire. If neither of those are in your budget, investing in a luxurious throw can keep you warm and cozy.

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