5 DIY Bathroom Organization Tips

No matter how big or small your bathroom, storage space always seems to be an issue for many houses and condos. With growing families and new self-care products finding their way on your shopping list each month, it’s no wonder why the family washroom is not just one of the busiest places in your house, but can also be one of the most cluttered. Let’s face it, the packaging for so many of these products is almost designed on the notion that the item won’t need to share a shelf with anything else, making it that much harder to neatly tuck things away. Closed cabinetry for a busy bathroom is a must, but if what’s inside isn’t organized well, then products will make their way out onto the open countertops and other surfaces adding mess and clutter to your bathroom. Here are some easy ways for you to organize your bathroom so that it matches the rest of your house or condo.

Hair product organiztion

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Hair appliances are a necessary styling product, but storing them away frequently leads to a messy situation in most homes. The best way to store them is to purchase a wall mounted hair appliance holder which you can order online and drill it to the interior of your cabinet door. Even better, if you can accommodate an electrical outlet for each appliance, you won’t even need to travel far to use it. This sort of organization helps maintain the life of your appliance and keeps it from getting product spilled onto it by accident.










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Sometimes an extra shelf is much needed but you don’t have extra wall space in your bathroom to put one. If the ceiling height in your house permits it, why not consider installing a toiletry shelf above your bathroom door? It’s not visible upon entry and is a great place to store extra toilet paper and less used items tucked away inside neat baskets and caddies.








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Storing away toothbrushes inside your medicine cabinet like this one is a great way to clear your bathroom vanity countertop from the everyday items that aren’t so pretty. For this DIY project, you’ll need to first drill a hole using spade bit near the very edge and then use a jigsaw to cut out a u-shape to fit your toothbrushes.








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Another great way to get more space from your bathroom cabinets without adding additional shelving is to get more surfaces from the shelving you already have. For this super simple DIY project, using a galvanized metal sheet as a backing for your shelves can provide a great storage solution if you’re limited on space. They’re great for storing small items in magnetic containers which you can find at your local Canadian Tire or Solutions store. Rather than drilling the metal sheet in place, they can be easily secured using Velcro which provides for a great deal of maneuverability in case you decide to reorganize your shelving at a later date.






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If you don’t mind having your toiletry products on display, but wish you had a bit more countertop space, why not use a double decker plate that may normally be used for cakes and desserts. You likely already have some cake stands that you’re not using. By placing them on top of a matching plate, you get double the storage space in a pretty little package.

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