5 Window Treatments to Get on Trend in 2016

Mosaik Homes’ Design Studio offers a world of endless design possibilities. Creating the home of your dreams is easy with expert design tips. If your window treatments — curtains, valances and cornices — have seen better days, Mosaik Homes offers these window treatment inspirations to shed some new light on your space.


Minimalist window treatments lead the trend in 2016. You don’t need opulent swagged draperies loaded with fringe and tassels and topped with elaborate valances to get maximum style. Simplicity and minimalism emphasize crisp, clean lines, that complements and lets the rest of your room do the talking. Woven wood is a minimalist aesthetic inspired by the move toward eco-friendly design materials. Most are made from sustainable materials including: grasses, sisal, reeds or  bamboo.  Roman shades continue as a favourite minimalist design for contemporary homes, especially kitchens and bathrooms. The flat construction means less fabric is needed than full drapes-this allows you to upscale your fabric choice and make a real statement.



Fashion gurus know that layering different pieces is the key to creating a lasting look that’s stylish and cohesive. This longstanding rule of fashion design doesn’t just apply to outfits, it’s an equally effective way to tailor your interior designs to create a charmingly cohesive aesthetic that’s built to last. While layering is  popular, the overall look remains clean, and the palette should usually consistent for both treatments.  Blending colours rather than contrasting ones work best when you want to layer treatments. Any type of blind can be used under drapes for a beautifully layered look.


Pattern is always hot-and in 2016 is is no exception. Whether it’s the geometric patterns we’ve been seeing of late, magnificent florals, or bold colors, patterns are what we all want. If you want to get creative ditch those solid colors! Choose a pattern that has the perfect look and feel that will accent your room. When you look through new fabrics you are bound to notice that textures and patterns abound. You can’t go wrong with any pattern so long as the colours make and appearance in your other design elements in the room. Trellis designs, large scale florals in bold colours, and whimsical motifs make a big impact.



Yes, sheers are still popular, but they are a world away from the fussy, frilly and lacy ones that the word sheer brings to mind. The “new” sheers have subtle iridescence and are interwoven with unexpected materials, or have embossed or printed patterns or contemporary headings as in the room below.Window treatments that let in a lot of natural light are coming back into vogue. Treatments made out of sheer fabrics can add warmth to your room while making use of the natural warmth of the sun, being eco-friendly in the winter season. And while in the past sheer fabrics tended to be either white or cream color, designers are getting more adventurous and issuing sheer fabrics in all kinds of colors.



Creative Hardware


Pay attention to creative hardware. Rods, finials and tie-backs in wood, metal, glass or ceramic are treated almost like jewelry.The look of black iron curtain rods fits into many rooms with ease. A thin-diameter rod and unobtrusive rings keeps the hardware from overpowering the drapery treatment. Sleek and shiny brushed nickel rod with slender rings is easy and elegant and instantly updates a room. Mixed metals are on trend in all areas of design-so don’t be afraid to use an array of finishes in your space.

The right curtains, shades, or shutters can turn any window into a stunning focal point!


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