Christmas Dinner Table Settings

The holiday table for so many is a critical component of the holidays because this is the few if only time of year the entire family gathers around the same table. Make a statement with your napkins and utensil holders because if you’re like many of us, this is the only time of year we opt to use fabric instead of paper. If your family is accustomed to a holiday feast for which you’ve cooked up a storm to delight guests with a lavish spread, you might find that there’s little room on the holiday table for décor items, which is why jazzing up the place settings with elaborate napkin arrangements and utensil holders may be all you need (or have room for!). Here are some festive and creative ways you can decorate the holiday table which will surely delight your guests:

 Chic Table Setting

This chic holiday table setting features greens paired with golds, accented by crisp black and white print. Anchoring this setting with black and white print allow for varying hues of green to work together. Simply folding the napkin directly on the plate provides a nice flat surface for displaying a gold ribbon menu along with a small ornament. The black polka dot gift holders can be found at your local craft store and are an unexpected twist to your holiday table décor.

Gingerbread candy cane

Baking holiday treats fill your home with wonderful aroma, and conjure up adorable treats pretty enough to be used as the focus on your holiday table place settings. Simple gingerbread candy cane cookies placed on top of a rustic burlap napkin ring evoke the sort of warm and fuzzies that only the holidays can deliver. Paired with French country inspired china, and thick cups and goblets this homey holiday table setting will make coming home an absolute treat.

 Wheat & Cranberry Napkin

If your table requires more settings then you think you might have room for, this charming setting allows you to condense your flatware directly onto your china. The casual feel is made festive with this elaborate napkin arrangement which still balances the relaxed feel by using organic elements like wheat and cranberry sprigs. You can also interchange those with what you may already have on hand like sprigs of rosemary, cedar, spruce or sticks of cinnamon.


For an uber casual take on the setting just before, this red linen napkin looks great on top of crisp white china. Sprinkled with some fresh cranberries (always set some aside for garnish and now décor) and fresh rosemary twigs gives your holiday table all the festive colours we’re used to. Try this one for Christmas lunch.

Stocking napkins

We love these adorable mini stocking stuffers which are the perfect wrapper for your flatware. Re-use them year and year and pick from any classic colour, now available at major retailers like Target, Walmart and Canadian Tire.

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