DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

Holiday decorating is one of the best times of year to be creative and incorporate your own personal touch on the things you put around your home to celebrate the season. Do-it-yourself projects are great to encourage children to participate in the holiday decorating process, and give you a whole new sense of pride and ownership of the décor you use to beautify your home. Here are some clever and easy DIY projects for holiday decorating you can try for yourself, which will leave you and your kids with a personalized holiday keepsake and have your guests talking.

 Burlap Wreath

Using burlap and ornaments you already have, creates a fun wreath full of character and colour. To make one like this, purchase an inexpensive medal ring from the hardware store and tape on foam cushion to give it more volume. Cut your burlap into 8” wide strips and assemble it around your ring by scrunching the fabric to create waves. Secure the burlap using small pins. Use a hot glue gun to clue on the ornaments and tie a bow at the top.

Baby Shoes

Baby’s first shoes make a most precious tree ornament. Keep a sweet reminder of how small they used to be with a yearly tradition like this, sure to put smiles on faces. Best of all, no assembly required; just a quick rummage through your storage items (or perhaps a weeklong journey visiting the attic, or cellar, or crawl space…or where were they again?)

scrabble ormament

Using scrabble chips isn’t only a fun tree ornament idea, you can use them for gift giving or as a place card setting.  Create holiday themed words or ones that are special to your family. To make these fun and easy ornaments, you’ll need a glue gun, small hooks from the hardware store and some ribbon.

DYI tabletop candles

This fun and elegant centerpiece or tabletop accessory is quick and easy and uses items you already have. Elevate your candles without the need for new candle holders and add some fun to your holiday decorating.

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