Sharon’s Story – Family & Farmers Markets!

The thanksgiving weekend marks the end to the harvest season and the closing of the East Gwillimbury Farmers market. Having had the chance to visit the farmers market one last time this past weekend with my in-laws who live in Newmarket, got me really excited for thanksgiving entertaining. I always bring several dishes to my in-law’s’ place each year as I love cooking but our condo is too small to host over 20 family members; which is why we continue the thanksgiving traditional at my in-laws’ house.

Market Preserves

The glorious assortment of vendors at this farmers market is unlike no other I’ve ever attended. From artisan banquettes and family estate wineries to handmade crafts and artisan bath products, to seasonal produce, this market is filled with people who are passionate about what they produce and bring to market. My mother and I had so much fun picking root vegetables and herbs for our thanksgiving vegetable assortment. Broiled scalloped red and golden beats finished off with crumbled goat cheese and fresh mint…yum! Just one of the many starters and sides we prepare for our family thanksgiving feast.

Although Greg and I are fortunate not to have any food restrictions, I can definitely see an improvement in Emily’s mood when we stick to healthy and organic meats and produce. Shopping local is also becoming very important to me; not only do I want to help reduce our family’s carbon footprint, developing genuine relations with the individuals whoproduce our food is important to me. Shopping at the grocery stores in our area is great (especially the St. Lawrence Market), but having first hand interactions with the growers and producers takes your food experience to a whole new level.


If I lived closer, I would definitely visit the farmers markets every week; there’s nothing better than buying fruits and veggies that were recently picked and ripened on the vine, not on a delivery truck! We enjoy life in the city, but fresh produce options are very expensive. Living closer to the farms can certainly save lots of money every year, especially considering the rising cost of food. Relocating closer to family and affording a larger home is top priority these days, particularly if we’re about to expand our family. I also think there are lots of benefits for kids to grow up in smaller close-nit communities. Moving north was out of the question 6 years ago, but so many considerations are getting Greg and I warmed up to the idea…stay tuned for what’s next for us!

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