Get Your Lawn Winter-Ready

The snow has already fallen and those of us who haven’t cleared the fall leaves may feel like they’ve been caught off-guard. We know more snow is coming and that thick blanket of white stuff will soon be covering our lawn and shrubs so what else needs to be done to ensure your garden is protected from frost damage? Here are some helpful tips on how to get your lawn winter ready:


Garden gloves are essential all year round but not as vital as this time of year. From pruning and thorning plants to scraping gutters, a good pair of gloves will keep your hands safe from injuries.


Storing away your lawnmower for the winter isn’t as simple as putting it away. If you want your equipment to serve you well in the spring, take a few extra steps before packing it away:

  1. Drain all the gasoline. If any stays longer than 30 days, it can gum up your carburetor.
  2. Leave in the oil as a reminder to change it in the spring. To responsibly dispose of the old oil, take it to your local oil change shop, where for a nominal fee they will gladly dispose of it in a safe manner.
  3. Remove your sparkplug and to keep moisture away from damaging the cylinder, spray in some oil.
  4. As a final step, consider taking in your lawnmower to get your blades sharpened, or wait until spring, either way you’ll have fresh blades come spring.

burlap plant covering

If you have special plants and shrubs you want to protect over winter, try laying down a fresh layer of mulch which will protect the tender roots; this will lead to healthier plants in the spring. Pruning your bushes down is important so that they don’t get weighted down with snow. And when temperatures really begin to dip cover your sensitive trees, plants and shrubs with material like burlap ahead of a frost to give them added warmth and protection.

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