Got the TIFF Fever? Home Theatre Ideas to Bring the Movies Home

The Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF) , has been introducing Toronto movie enthusiast to an international array of hand selected films; giving local audiences a visual and cultural feast unlike any other. In the past decade, we’ve seen a large influx of Hollywood productions making their cinematic premiere at TIFF, making Toronto a celebrity hotspot; earning the title of ‘Hollywood North’ during these 11 days in September.  But now that all the premiere parties and star gazing frenzy is coming to an end, what remains are the must-see award winners and festival favourites.  The enjoyment of these films can go far beyond their cinematic delight by creating a comfortable and stylish viewing environment. Here’s how you can debut your own home theatre worthy of inviting company over for:


Projector vs. Plasma vs. LCD – you’ll need to conduct some research to decide which viewing platform suits your needs best. There are many considerations you have to take into account such as room size, dimensions, other uses…etc. If you want to have a dedicated movie viewing space, generally projectors are the best option and with so many brands and types to choose from, price itself varies vastly. When evaluating price, sure to research the life and cost of the replacement bulbs as this will factor into your overall operating costs.

Home Theatre Seating

Seating – with the bountiful array of theatre seating options at all price points and styles, you’re sure to find the right seats and configuration that meet your personal tastes. The online selection of both new and used is plenty and favourable shipping rates can be arranged on large order sizes. Stay away from untreated fabric as spills and messes can result in hard to remove stains.

Dark Home Theatre

Fabric walls and dark colors. Fabric walls and floors absorb sound and improve the audio experience of your movie viewing. Dark coloured floors, walls and ceilings absorb light and prevent glare. Most importantly, they help the audience focus better on the screen.


Cables and Wires – make sure to tuck away all wires and cables. Not only are they unsightly, they are major tripping hazards. Running cables and wires behind your walls is the best option – but do it in a way that can be easily updated. To future proof your investment – making sure it’s easily upgradable to future technology integration will ensure you won’t be limited with your Audio-Video equipment.  One way to do this is by using cable conduit wires which will permit future cables like fibre optic to be run through finished walls and ceilings with ease.  Without conduit, upgrading or retrofitting a new cable system will be a messy job.

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