Halloween Décor – A New Twist on Pumpkins

Pumpkins are all the rage for October & Halloween Outdoor Decor. They hold up great in the cold climate and are so versatile to suit any taste. Whether you go with the classic large and orange kind, the white or albino pumpkins or even the small gourds, they are musts for the quintessential Halloween Décor.  Best of all they can be left uncarved until that fateful night of October 31st.  Please be sure to discard it shortly afterward though, once punctured its porch life becomes dreadfully short.  Here are some fun and creative ways you can adorn your pumpkins in a new way to delight your trick-or-treaters (or at least their parents!):

 Stacked Pumkins

Stacked Pumpkins

Stacking your pumpkins are a great way to give them a more grandiose presence. Start by using an extra large one for the base. You’ll need to either drill or carve a 1 and ½ inch hole at the top of the pumkin, large enough to insert a broom rod. This will rod will go through all 3 pumkins to keep them in place. The second pumkin will have a hole at the top and bottom and the topmost pumpkin will have one at the bottom. You can either saw off the bristle base or use a broom stick with an unscrewable bristle base. The top pumpkin can either have a carved or painted face or adorned with whatever design you prefer. Accessorizing with hats, cloths, leaves and jewellery helps bring it to life.

 Tear drop carved pumpkin

Carved Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins don’t always have to be scary or goonish faces, if you enjoy carving and want something more sophisticated, try carving leaves onto your pumpkins. The resulting look is simple yet chic. As in these ones displayed, you don’t even need to fully puncture the shell, removing just a few milometers from the skin can still give you a soft glow from a candle (once the inside is emptied).

Spooky eyes pumpkins

Scary Pumpkins

If you find the urge to make your pumpkin scary irresistible, you will love this pumpkin. Using golf ball sized Styrofoam balls which you can purchase at the dollar store, use either red marker or pen to draw on the veins. You can either you use a sticker for the iris or hand paint it. Carve 2 eye cavities into your pumpkin and pin the eye balls to secure them in place. Don’t worry if the holes aren’t perfect, the eyeballs will cover up any mistakes. The mouth can be incredibly simple since the eyes are so dramatic.

Glam pumpkin

Glam Pumpkin

For a totally new twist on decorating your pumpkin, blinging it up can definitely get it loads of attention. This is a super easy yet very dramatic way to adorn your pumpkin. Simply purchase rhinestone stickers from the dollar store and arrange them to your liking. This spider web goes perfect with the sparkly spider which can also be purchased inexpensively from the dollar store.

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