Holiday Décor Ideas for Under $100

Giving your home a festive update with some holiday decor creates a joyful mood for all. And doing so doesn’t have to break the bank. Your tree is your main focal point which may change throughout the years. However giving attention to the more lived in areas of your home helps unify the holiday décor and carry the mood throughout. Here are some fresh ways you can incorporate holiday décor into your home without overspending (too much):

 Accent pillows and coffee table accessories

Holiday themed throw cushions paired with some coffee tabletop holiday accessories instantly yells Christmas. The inviting and comfort of this kind of holiday décor adds charm and whimsy to your family or living room. Stick to your theme colors to create unity and flow throughout your home. This is the best time of year to find the perfect holiday pillows and accessories.


A dramatic yet elegant centerpiece like this can be created using an oversized bowl you may already have. Candles nestled with shiny ornaments are a great way to add drama and glam to a simple yet stylish centerpiece. Beaded necklaces complete this look, filling in the gaps. All of these materials can be found easily and inexpensively at your local Homesense.


A rustic sleigh like this can be purchased inexpensively for $20-$30 and filled with ornaments you already have. Or consider using organic materials like fresh pine leaves, pinecones, or twig branches.


You can find silver basins and vases all over the shelves of your local Homesense store at this time of year. Snatch them up because clustered together, they can make for the most luxurious and opulent holiday arrangement, which is versatile enough to go pretty much anywhere; from the mantle to even the floor. They’re also versatile enough to be used year round for fresh flowers, willows or perhaps an extra special bottle of wine.


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