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Designing a housing community stems from the distinct style and design of each individual home which is why Mosaik Homes takes much care and pride in the interior design process. Working with talented designers like Ivana Mirkovic Garito who is now leading the design development for Kleinburg Crown, Mosaik Homes’s latest housing development in Kleinburg, is pivotal to achieving a desirable and welcoming housing community.

Ivana Mirkovic Garito is an award winning designer who is the founder of IM Interior Design in Toronto. They specialize in both local and international projects ranging from residential estates and urban condominiums to retail interiors. Ivana comes from a lineage of artists spending her childhood being exposed to art galleries and theatres, solidifying her own artistic tendencies. Years of vast travels instilled her passion for design and architecture. Graduating from the International Academy of Design & Technology, one of the world’s premier art and design schools, her career began working for a world renowned interior design firm where she learned from some of the industry’s best. She ventured on to work with high-end custom home builders with world-wide projects taking her across the globe. In 2007 she spent a year in Rome where she was involved in an apartment renovation; furthering her adoration of European design and architecture.



Ivana brings her vast experience working with high-end custom builders to the Kleinberg Crown project.   Her current design influences stem from her European upbringing and fascination with international architecture. She draws most of her creativity from Europe which provides impeccable congruence with the Kleinburg Crown community, aiming to bring old European charm to an already captivating region of Vaughan.



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Having been involved in the Kleinburg Crown development from an early stage has allowed Ivana to lend her expertise in the preliminary electrical, plumbing and lighting layout, one of the most critical components of a finished living space.  Focusing on the function of a home is the driving force behind the layout and allowing the expertise of a designer to be involved early on results in not only aesthetically exceptional, but highly functional homes.




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Achieving that designer look in your own new house or condo involves commitment and attention to detail. For those who have chosen to hire a designer on a home renovation project it’s common for couples to not always share the same sense of style. For this dilemma, Ivana recommends making a style file or vision board which involves gathering images from magazines or online and then editing down to your favourite 5. “You will be surprised at how many common elements you will find” says Ivana, who recounts how frequently couples make the initial assumption that their design choices will be opposite. Once both people have narrowed down their selection to their favourite 5 images which reflect their own personal sense of style, begin to work on “marrying the images; creating a collaborative vision board.



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