Last minute Halloween DIY costumes

Halloween is upon us and for many dressing up is one of the best parts of this night. For many people, Halloween is a time to express your creativity and add your own personal touch to a costume. DIY costumes have always been popular choices for both kids and adults alike and whether you’re scrambling for a last minute option or just really want to have a fun activity making your own unique costume right before, we’ve brought together some quick and easy options you’re sure to have fun with. Best of all they all use materials you likely already have, and are really simple to assemble.


Grape Costume

Using double sided tape and purple balloons , strategically clustered around the torso makes a fun costume no one can mistake! If you have green and brown felt, try playing around with that to make a custom hat stem. This costume can even be made around a warm jacket so that trick-or-treaters stay warm all night.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Whether the forecast calls for rain or not, this costume will have you covered! Outfitting your child with what they already have for rainy weather; boots, coat and umbrella plus adhering their stuffed animal cats and dogs to the top of the umbrella will create a super charming costume in no time!


Robot Costume

An empty box from your most recent home electronics purchase can equal hours of fun and laughter for your child. Simply by cutting out holes for the head, arms and legs, the rest of the box can be decorated with tin foil, old CDs, cell phones, remote controls and knobs for buttons and switches. Use an existing helmet or hat also wrapped in foil to complete the look.


Bandit Costume

This is a great look for children and grown-ups alike, using cloths and articles you most likely already have. Black leggings, black-and-white striped turtleneck, black tuque and a money bag are all you need to pull off your heist as a bandit. Accessorizing with a gold chain necklace and a black bandit mask if you’ve got them will help finish the look.

Whatever you decide to be, have fun with it and Happy Halloween!

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