Maintaining Proper Humidity in Your Home

Marlon DaSIlva, Mosaik Homes' GM

“Weekly Home Improvement Tips”

By Marlon DaSilva

General Manager, Mosaik Homes

This Weeks Tip:

Maintaining proper humidity in your home

A comfortable humidity level in the home is between 40% to 45% especially if there is hardwood floor installed in the home.  The first step a purchaser of a new home should do is to purchase a dehumidifier and set it up in their basement.  Once the unit is setup, ensure that it is set to 40%.  This will help lower the humidity in your home through the Spring and Summer months when the humidity levels are at the highest.  In the Fall and Winter months the humidity levels will drop sometimes below 40% which can cause the air to be extremely dry.  This can be resolved by purchasing a humidifier.  There are different types of humidifiers.  I recommend the one that is attached to your furnace so that every time your furnace comes on the humidifier will add moisture to the air.  Be careful not to add to much moisture to the air as this could drastically affect your hardwood floor.

Dehumidifier and humidifier

I always recommend that you run both units, the dehumidifier and the humidifier and have them both set at 40%.  The will counter balance each other and will help stabilize the humidity in the home.  Lastly, the best way to monitor the humidity in the home is with a hygrometer.  This tool will indicate the percentage of humidity in your home.

Locations to purchase Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers and also Hygrometers.

For Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers Home Depot Lowes Rona Canadian Tire

For hygrometers

The Source Canadian Tire

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