Meet Marlon Da Silva of Mosaik Homes

We are so pleased to introduce to you, Marlon Da Silva of Mosaik Homes. Our capable, industrious and beloved General Manager. Everybody who knows Marlon, loves Marlon! I mean how could you not. So we sat down with him for a short heart to heart as he is a super busy man with many responsibilities at Mosaik Homes. By the end of this post, we think you will love Marlon too :)


Tell us a little about you!

I have been in the construction industry for 23 years and have been a Manager for 14 years.  Aside from construction I enjoy traveling; I really enjoy Halloween and love decorating my house for it. I enjoy playing ball hockey and baseball on Sundays with my second family at Mosaik Homes.  I also enjoy playing video games.  My favorite past time is just spending a quiet evening with my wife. And let’s not forget about my super cool dog, Lacey! 


 What do you like most about your job? What is your least favorite thing about your job?

 What I like most about my job are the people I work with.  Most of the time I am the only male in the office, like a king in his castle you know! The ladies here just love picking on me; from Ashley’s pranks to MC’s jokes! But I must be frank, I do enjoy it… They’re not going to see this right? I really enjoy dealing with the home owners as well. It’s always great to see that look in people’s eyes when they first move in to their new homes. I take care of some post build customer service matters as well, and even that is nice. I pride myself in providing excellent customer care for our home owners. 


Do you have any hidden or not so hidden talents?

I enjoy cooking and baking but unfortunately do not have any pictures of me cooking or baking. That’s what Instagram is for, right? ;) Some might say I am a handy man and the girls in the office ask me for home improvement and DIY tips and tricks for our social media all the time. I finally managed to get them off the case of recording videos and taking photos of me, I don’t blame them though,I mean when you are this handsome … lol! 

What is your Favorite Mosaik Homes  community? 

I really like The VIEW community which we are currently working on.  I like the setting of the houses and the location of the site. It’s surrounded by greenery, forests and trails and the homes are absolutely beautiful. But don’t take my word for it! Check out the presentation centre at Major Mackenzie and Weston Road and you will become a believer too.







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