Mudroom Organization Tips

September brings many changes, from the start of a new school year, to our climate getting colder. Revamping your mudroom or front foyer to work for your family’s needs, while still being aesthetically pleasing becomes top priority for so many families. Having proper spots for backpacks and outerwear is the best way from keeping messy piles off the floor. An organized mudroom is a critical part of getting set for a successful year. Here are some helpful tips for a well-organized mudroom/front foyer:


  • Hooks for Jackets and Backpacks – wall hook are a great way to store bulky items like outerwear. Keeping hooks low so kids can reach them allows for easy access promoting independence. Hooks are also helpful at allowing jackets and snow pants to dry on those days when everything comes back wet.



  • Seating – benches can make getting boots on and off a lot easier and can also house more storage underneath. Using cushions on top makes benches a lot more comfortable and infuses some color and style into the space.  Also consider changing the cushions to introduce new colors as the seasons change.  Flat cushions are best and try using Velcro so they stay in place.


  • Individualized Cubbies – whether you’re using bins or baskets, giving each household member their own spot for mitts, scarves, hats…etc. can help keep everyone organized throughout the seasons. At the end of each season, update the bins with the items appropriate for that time of year.



  • Paper organization system – yep you heard it, it’s not an office but the mudroom is the place where all permission forms, library books, homework and school papers end up; so having individualized compartments for school paperwork avoids the stress of looking for that pizza lunch form the morning it’s due. Incorporating a filing system helps get kids out the door with the papers they need.

·         Shoe storage – storing boots and shoes below jackets is a great spot, but be sure to use rubber shoe mats to collect dirt and snow to avoid leaving the mess on the floor. The last thing a tidy mudroom needs is a big puddle from melted snow.

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