Organizing the Laundry Room

Having an organized laundry room can help turn a daunting weekly chore into an enjoyable break. Invigorating this space with some stylish and clever organization makes this utilitarian space flow with the rest of your home. Even if your laundry room is situated in a spot like the basement that doesn’t get much traffic, giving it some organization and aesthetic attention helps you be more efficient and makes being there pleasant. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your laundry room more organized and pretty.

folding counter

Having an area for folding laundry which can also double duty for basket storage is a wonderful option for the busy laundry room. This one here is also equipped with an electrical outlet so this can triple as your ironing board (of coarse you’ll need to use a cushioned board to protect your counter). If you don’t have the real estate to afford an island like this one, dedicating another surface for folding is a must. If space is an issue, consider using the top of the machines as a surface or an extra-large ironing board that can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

Glass Jars

Let’s face it, detergents and household cleaners are far from glamorous, but for those heavy use items which can safely be transferred, storing them in over-sized glass jars is a great way to pretty up your laundry room while still being very useful and practical. This is best for dry agents like powder detergents, fabric softener sheets or detergent pockets. You can usually find great prices on these types of jars at a local Walmart or Homesense. Paired with an over sized metal scoop (small enough to fit inside the jar) gives a great finishing touch.

Laundry Baskets

Keeping your dirty laundry stored in hampers in your laundry room helps everyone do their part. You can start separating your colors and fabrics with hamper labels, eliminating the task of sorting your laundry before putting it into the wash. Have all your towels in one hamper ready to wash when it’s full. This completely eliminates the need to store hampers in the bedrooms, and further designates the laundry room as the place for dirty clothes to get clean.

hanger-bars-in-laundry -room

Finding a spot for a hanging bar is really important whether you need to dry a clothing item on the hanger, or on the line. It’s also an ideal place for spot treated stains left to dry after a light hand wash. Use it to organize a queue for ironing or for directly steaming an item to get rid of wrinkles after it comes out of the dryer.

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