Post Storm Home Survival Guide


Yesterday we experienced an unexpected storm in the city. Flooded roads, cars submerged in water, fallen trees, power outages and of course much damage in some of our homes. Here are a few brief steps you might want to take post storm to get things in your home back to normal.

  1. Take photos of any and all damages for insurance purposes
  2. Extract the water in your basement or home using a sump pump and take the remainder moist out with a wet-vac or mop and clean all the drains that might be covered with Debris
  3. Open vents and windows and keep a fan on in the wet areas to help with the drying.
  4. Clean everything with disinfectant. Flood water can carry contaminants and chemicals from the sewage so you want to get cleaning asap.
  5. Remove wet drywall to avoid mold and mildew. The chance of the drywall drying anytime soon is slim, so just rip it off already.
  6. Inspect your roof for broken or dislodged shingles
  7. Are there any shows of water leakage in your ceiling? If so call a roofing contractor.

Stay dry and safe :)

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