Ramen Burger Recipe by Andrea


Have you heard of the new NYC food craze, the Ramen Burger? Created by Keizo Shimamoto, who moved to NYC after managing Bassanova Ramen in Tokyo, this burger, merges two of the hottest food trends to appear in major American cities over the last few years — gourmet hamburgers and genuine ramen noodles (as opposed to the instant kind). Shimamoto makes his burgers with shoyu secret sauced patties on a bed of arugula, topped with scallions and laid between two Sun Noodle ramen buns that are pan fried.

Here is a recipe that you might want to try out. Let me know how it goes and if you have any suggestions to make it better!


1 package of dried ramen (chef Keizo swears by Sun Noodle brand)

1 egg

oil to fry

1 beef patty (about 75% lean works best to capture the full umami flavor)

shoyu (soy sauce)

sesame oil

1 scallion, chopped


wax paper

Ramen Buns Fried

Ramen Bun

It’s actually quite simple.

Cook your ramen (without the seasoning packet). Strain and stir in the egg. Divide the ramen into 2 halves, and place in a round container to mold it into a round shape. Place a smaller, heavier bowl over the ramen to press it into shape. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.

Heat the oil in a pan, and fry both ramen patties until it’s brown on one side and cooked on the other. Set aside, ready for the hamburger, with a bit of arugula on one side.

Fry your hamburger patty as you like it. Splash with soy sauce and sesame oil to taste.

Place cooked hamburger patty on top of the bun with the arugula, and top with scallions. Carefully place entire burger into wax paper to hold while you eat.



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