Sharon Village 32 Ft Singles – A Closer Look at the Devon

Greg thinks I settled too quickly on the 2 models that we discovered during the Sharon Village unveiling. He feels that without extensive attention to all models available, we might be missing out on the sort of home and lifestyle we’ve been yearning for. Being a financial analyst by career, he’s naturally very pragmatic and takes a highly systematic approach to assessing options. And he takes this home buying experience no differently. I get him, love that he’s so cautious since isn’t just another rental anymore; it’s our future home and he’s right, it does deserve a thorough assessment.




There are 4 options for 32 foot lots; all of which but the Devon feature a one car garage. Greg and I only have 1 car but I love the idea of each having our own vehicle to maintain full independence. Nevertheless the Devon model is technically a 1 and a half car garage, not a full 2 car. Of course the smaller lot means less room for livable space but compared to our condo, there’s plenty of room! The larger garage will provide ample storage for things like seasonal furniture like a patio set and possibly above ground pool. Without the extra room in the garage, we’d definitely need to consider purchasing a garden shed.


Ground Floor

I always loved the idea of a formal dining room with an optional coffered ceiling this model has it! Direct access to the sizable kitchen with large breakfast bar and lots of storage space overlooks the 11.4’x12’ Breakfast area which overlooks a stunning family room that features a fireplace and optional detailed ceilings. The entire back of the house features lots of windows and sliding doors, giving great views of the backyard and plenty of natural lighting.


Master Bedroom

The well-appointed master bedroom features a great space that will lend itself to a proper queen or king sized bed along with all bedroom furniture pieces. The dramatic double door entry coupled with the optional coffered ceiling provides a sense of opulence and style. Topped off with a well situated master ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet top off this master bedroom.


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Another incredible feature about this model is the laundry room situated alongside all of the upstairs bedrooms, providing easy access and avoiding the hulling of clothes up and down the stairs. A big house is a wonderful thing, but a well-designed large home makes living and maintaining your lifestyle even better and this is one of those little things that contribute to that!

Stay tuned for more close-up looks at other models offered at Sharon Village!

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