Sharon’s Story – Discovering the Growing North

Daughter and Mother

With colder temperatures upon us, I feel the nesting phase has begun for our family. Not too long after sunset we find ourselves indoors, prepping meals, cuddling on the coach, watching TV or playing board games with Emily. We’re also finding ourselves up in Newmarket much more frequently these days (weekends that is) visiting Greg’s parents and recently married sister Susanne. She’s shopping for a new house and I’m really enjoying coming along on for the journey with her.


East Gwillimbury is a rapidly growing area with so much to offer. 10 years ago or so the last stop on highway 404 would be Davis drive in Newmarket but expansion has already taken the highway north to Queensville and more expansion is poised to take it all the way up to Lake Simcoe. Go stations located all along the highway make commuting to the city very feasible via public transit. And these days with smartphone technology, staying connected and productive while commuting has become a reality. Susanne also works in the city so timing her commute is an important consideration.


The growth of East Gwillimbury comes with little surprise since Ontario is seeing some of the highest population surges in all of Canada. The GTA is definitely expanding in all directions, especially north where beautiful lakes and nature create a magnificent backdrop for stunning communities. Numerous municipalities within East Gwillimbury are expanding with new housing developments being built each year; this seems to me like the next real estate boom.


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These small municipalities like Sharon, Queensville and Mount Albert have their roots in small village life when early settlers came here to start new lives. The rich history and culture of these small towns remains evident with historic structures like the Sharon Temple now a national historic site and museum; offering visitors a glimpse of life in the past and celebrations of art in the present. I’m really looking forward to taking Emily here soon.

The growing north is certainly attracting more people since these areas are so well serviced by surrounding cities and towns like Newmarket, Bradford and Barrie. The quick drive to Lake Simcoe make trips to places like Keswick, Innisfil or other shoreline spots an attractive summer daytrip destination. I can really see us here one day soon!

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