Sharon’s Story – Parks, Golf Clubs & Undisturbed Nature

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We love going for drives up to the country this time of year. The breathtaking beauty of fall is felt at its maximum when surrounded by undisturbed nature. Going for long hikes along the many nature trails up and around East Gwillimbury is becoming a fall favourite for Emily, Greg and I. The orange and salmon coloured leaves against the crisp blue skies on those beautiful sunny autumn days make for such spectacular scenery and photos. Finding ourselves nestled in the trails, weather we go solo or sign up for an organized hike through the many free guided walks offered through East Gwillimbury is a splendid way to meet new friends and spend a fall day. I love the fresh air and beauty but I’ve also read that spending time in nature can relieve stress as well as improve memory and attention span.


Photo Courtesy of Pheasant Run Golf Club

Greg and I especially love golfing this time of year as the crisp fresh air is so much more refreshing and enjoyable than golfing in the hot muggy days of summer. Even though we experienced a fairly mild summer, this year’s fall has been outstanding for golfing. East Gwillimbury is home to several lovely golf courses including Pheasant Run Golf Course ( which is where Greg’s sister Susan got married this past summer. Situated right in Sharon, Ontario, the course offers 18 holes nestled within rolling terrain characteristically found in the valleys of interior BC.  Best of all, they offer discounted pricing this time of year allowing us to have a relaxing and active day on the course without breaking the bank. This place is a must!


Photo Courtesy of Pheasant Run Golf

Photo Courtesy of
Pheasant Run Golf

Sharon and East Gwillimbury are great for outdoor lovers like us. The town is constantly striving to improve parks throughout the East Gwillimbury municipality to develop new locations as communities grow. From baseball diamonds to picturesque gazebos, Sharon Hills Park has it all! Continuing north are a number of excellent marinas nestled along the shores of the Holland River, winding its way to Lake Simcoe.  This ideal region is so attractive to a growing family like ours.  We can’t wait to find the community to call our next home!


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