Sharon’s Story: Shopping for Model Homes

Purchasing a new home whether resale or new is always an exciting experience but now having the chance to experience both, I can honestly say the process of buying a new home from the builder is tops when it comes to excitement and anticipation. With the sales office for Sharon Village opening up this past weekend, Greg, Susan, her husband Tony, and myself all went out to try and get first pick from the available lots.



Researching from home once the floor plan renderings were published online (really helps to register early!) gave us a chance to decide which ones were our favourites. With such incredible home designs, it was really hard to pick which ones but we finally decided on a couple that we’ve really fallen in love with.



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Greg and I always loved the downtown Toronto housing style of laneways and garages at the back of the house. We both enjoy how it promotes such a communal lifestyle and nice streetscape without cars on driveways as is the case in so many suburban areas. That’s why we both got really excited when we got to preview the elevations for the Fairford and the Canterbury in the lineup of homes for Sharon Village. Making use of a larger lot than we could ever afford in the city, and giving our house footprint that excludes the garage means more room for bigger rooms. We also love the idea of a mudroom to for all our everyday footwear and outerwear that stays out of sight, so that the foyer always stays pristine!



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Best of all, having our pick of custom finishes and deciding on final layouts makes the experience of buying a new home such a personal journey. From kitchen cabinetry to flooring and window styles, getting to custom select all the final touches really helps to crystalize a conceptual rendering into a great visual. Of coarse I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, we still need to decide on which model we like best. The two we’ve narrowed down to are very similar, so it’s really about the small nuances that make all the difference. Stay tuned for what we decide!




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