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My name is Sharon, and this is my story. Shortly after getting married, my husband Greg and I decided to move into the city as we both have promising jobs in downtown Toronto. Greg works as a financial analyst with a large insurance provider and I’ve got steady work as an Occupational Therapist. We both love our jobs but cutting our commute time from Newmarket to Toronto was top of mind. Aside from employment, we really love all the great things Toronto has to offer like fine dining, unlimited cultural and social events not to mention the fantastic views and atmosphere encapsulated in so many pockets of the city. Making the decision to purchase our condo 6 years ago in the heart of the city turned out to be a great move as our property value has steadily increased and we’re both walking distance from our jobs.

Daughter and Mother Husband Square

When our daughter Emily was born in the spring of 2008, we realized there was even more to our neighborhood. Just a short walk from our condo, we spend hours enjoying the crisp fresh air of Harbour Front, which always seems so alive and full of festivities. A quick subway ride lands us in the St. Lawrence Market where we have our pick of fresh seafood, meat, produce and cheese for weeknight entertaining. In the summer we jump on the ferry and head over to Centre Island almost every weekend. Emily loves the boat ride and having picnics on the beach.

Whether we’re driving up north to visit the grandparents or staying in our neighborhood meeting up with friends, weekends are always lively yet unscheduled. I enjoy the freedom of keeping plans open and to just play things by ear since so many of our plans are based on the weather. It leaves us open short notice encounters with guests coming to our condo for lunch, dinner or just a quick playdate. Our condo isn’t very big, but thankfully we had great furniture options with many stores in the city that cater to condo life. Now with Emily in big girl bed, her room seems so small and I’m starting to think about where will she have room for things like trophies, posters and a proper desk? I’ve spent a bit of time researching larger condos and townhomes in the city, but the price ranges are far beyond our limits and even with seemingly well-priced inventory, bidding wars are common place and we don’t want to lose our shirts!

We love the city, but a bigger home is growing in priority, especially if Emily becomes a big sister. Greg and I are both ready for another baby, but we really couldn’t live comfortably in our condo with 4 family members. We’re looking for a larger home, not a larger mortgage!

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