Thanksgiving Table Settings – What’s Your Style?

Canadian’s love their thanksgiving…not only does it afford a long weekend, the lovely aromas of roasted turkey, spiced pumpkin and apple cinnamon bring to mind fond memories for so many. A welcome start to fall marked by delicious food, the sights of pumpkins and best of all seeing loved ones. Gatherings with friends and family are one of the many treasures this holiday brings and doing so in a festive ambiance makes the gathering that much more special. The holiday table marks the mood for the weekend and impacts the taste of the food since we eat with our eyes first. Traditional settings bring to mind warmth and charm but if you’re looking at trying something different this year, let’s take a look at some alternate table setting options.

Thanksgiving table setting rustic

Bring the outdoors in with this rustic table setting for your Thanksgiving dinner. Using organic elements like fresh apples and twine to tie up your napkins brings a casual charm to your table. With beautiful leaves covering the ground in the wonderful colours fall foliage brings, using them inside delicately placed on your table setting helps set the mood at no cost. You can pick up your apples at the orchard at this time of year. A bag of apples typically is a bit too large to consume in the short term but makes for fresh table accessories like the ones shown here.


If your menu is more on the sophisticated side, an elegant table setting for Thanksgiving makes a excellent pairing. Soft creams for your linens and dishes is probably what you’ve already got. And white pumpkins which used to be a novelty are now widely available and go great on a white or cream table setting. These pumpkins offer wonderful contrast if you choose to use other colors and also lend themselves nicely to being painted or monogrammed. Simple yet elegant this no fuss setting displays how effortless using some white pumpkins with some candles can be.

Rustic Glam table setting for Thanksgiving

This rustic glam setting brings together all the organic elements we have come to expect for Thanksgiving, but with an edgy twist. Using white pumpkins placed on black candle holders and a simple color scheme is what makes this juxtaposition such a visual delight. The key is not just contrasting colors, but adding some glam to the table settings like using crystal stemware or gold rimmed goblets like the ones shown here.

kid friendly

Don’t forget about the Kiddies! If you have lots of kids coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, it’s nice to give them their own table which is styled for kid tastes. The food isn’t always the attraction for the children, so one way to keep them at the table is to keep them busy with drawing and colouring. Try using a bottle crate filled with crayons or markers as your centrepiece, like the one shown here.


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