Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

With the official start of fall just a few short days away, and the cooler temperatures already setting in, there’s no denying that fall is almost here. Getting your home fall ready (both interior and exterior) will help prepare you for when the early frost sets in and avoid being caught in the cold. A little bit of attention now can save you costly repairs and aggravation in the future. Here are some quick tips on how to prepare your home for the chillier temperatures:

 Raking Leaves

Gardening – the end of summer aside from raking fall leaves also requires some basic upkeep to ensure your garden produces what you hope next Spring/Summer. This is the time to plant your bulbs for spring and trim back your bushes and shrubs to keep them healthy and avoid getting overgrown or having bald patches. Fertilizing your lawn is also a good idea as it can prevent winter damage and the spring weeds. You should also inspect your trees for weak branches as high winds and heavy snow pileup can cause breakage – this is especially dangerous if they’re close to power lines.

Organized Garden Shed

Garage & Shed – the time to organize your shed and garage to store all your summer equipment and furniture is here. Servicing all your summer equipment like lawn mowers and trimmers should be looked after now to be ready for next spring. You’ll also want to service your snow blower and make sure it’s ready to go. Also be sure to remove all liquids that could freeze from your shed and garage.

HVAC Service

Air Quality Maintenance  – servicing your furnace, air-conditioning system, fireplace and smoke/carbon monoxide detector are a good idea to get your home fall ready. Hiring an HVAC professional to inspect many of those items can be part of a fall maintenance package and can help shed light on unforeseen problems.  If you already own a Humidifier, give it a cleaning by replacing the filters and washing the inside.


Windows – this is also the best time of year to check all your windows for drafts.  If you find windows with drafts, and aren’t ready to replace them, you can easily minimize or prevent drafts by sealing them with caulking, using a thermal film or replacing the drapery with heavy fabric which can absorb the draft.

Preventative maintenance now will save money on costly emergency repairs. Properly maintaining your home also enhances its value and appeal and takes much less effort than dealing with crisis situations. When the chilly climate sets in, you and your home will be ready. Enjoy your last days of summer!

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