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We think there’s a lot of reasons to love Newmarket – it’s where city meets country, with none of the cheesy connotations therein. That’s why we love Vales of Glenway, Mosaik’s first Newmarket community. Aside from everything Mosaik Homes offers, there’s tons of reasons to consider calling Newmarket home.

We’ve already told you about great attractions and tasty Mexican cuisine for when you’re in the mood for something unique. However, a farmer’s market does not an urban destination make – on it’s own accord, anyway.  When you’re craving retail therapy in its most traditional sense, you may think you have to trek all the way back to the GTA – but really, all you need and everything you could want is located at Davis Drive West and Yonge St: Upper Canada Mall!

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Upper Canada Mall has over 200 stores and services. Its main anchor stores are The Bay, Target and Toys-R-Us – but those are hardly the most interesting. Some new favourites include Tristan, Kiehl’s, LUSH Cosmetics, Sephora, Brandy Melville, Victoria’s Secret, White House Black Market, M for Mendocino and more. From Apple to Zara with 198 stops in between, Upper Canada Mall has every store you’re looking for.

The real unique facet of this mall is the shopping experience. Upper Canada Mall is a staple for those north of the GTA wishing for the city’s shopping centres without the negatives of shopping in the city. The biggest malls in Toronto may have bigger stores and flashier displays, but they come with a million drawbacks.  We’re talking crowds, tourists, and grime.

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You’ll find none of that at Upper Canada Mall, but you will find well-kept and well-stocked stores, accompanied by an impressive new website with everything you never knew you wanted from a mall. Savvy shoppers know that you won’t score really great sale or limited edition pieces in flagship stores at places like the Eaton Centre or Yorkdale. Travel a little off the beaten path and enjoy a calmer, cleaner day of shopping with a high chance of major scores.

What sets this mall apart from the rest is their in-house magazine, Gorgeous. Available for free online, Gorgeous highlights everything new and beautiful at Upper Canada Mall without reading like a brochure. This glossy has all the fall inspiration you need and shows you exactly where to get it. This month, check out their features on the incomparable Kiehl’s skincare, Canadian fashion bloggers you should be reading, and finds to impress even the toughest holiday party goers, plus so much more.

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If you’re a parent or caregiver, consider joining Stroller Mates, where a certified instructor will guide you through your daily exercise and provide a chance to meet other parents –  if it’s not your scene, we’re sure you can find something more your speed at Upper Canada Mall.

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