What’s next for Sharon, ON?

Photo courtesy of Onekindesign.com
Photo courtesy of Onekindesign.com

Learning about Sharon Village and all the things East Gwillimbury has to offer is getting Greg and Emily really excited about the prospect of moving here. Greg is starting to get nostalgic about his childhood schools and growing up in Newmarket; I’m getting the sense he’s really craving that small town lifestyle for our family. Emily adores being up here spending the weekends with cousins from all sides of the family and is dreaming about a bedroom which features a bay window reading nook and a walk-in closet. She claims to want the walk-in closet so that she can cycle her stuffed animals and toys; how practical right? I have a feeling that even without the walk-in feature, there will still be ample space and lots of room for all sorts of storage. Certainly can’t say the same for homes in the city, where closet space and storage space are critically scarce.






The roominess of a large estate home is such an attractive feature, even though we’ve gotten so used to minimalist type living. It’s really hard with the family, and since our space is so small, a tiny mess looks so much bigger because there’s nowhere to hide it in an open concept layout! I must admit, it would be really great to be living in a large estate home once our family expands to 4 members (or at least knowing when my home will ready once I’m ready to deliver). With the rapid expansion of East Gwillimbury with things like the highway extension, new school construction plans, new communities and newly eager residents like myself, the eventual amenities and conveniences in and around Sharon Village which we’re all accustomed to will also begin their rapid development.



Photo courtesy of Ontariotrails.on.ca

Photo courtesy of Ontariotrails.on.ca

I’m also looking forward to the lifestyle changes ahead that come with moving to a new area. Sharon Village is poised to incorporate an impressive trail system connecting neighborhoods and parklands. We’ve always enjoyed hiking and going for bike rides so I’m looking forward to not only being able to continue these habits, but having the chance to do them more frequently as the community is heavily designed for it.


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